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Don't Get Caught: A Deep-Dive into the Corporate Transparency Act

Don't Get Caught: Deep-Dive into the Corporate Transparency Act (2024)

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Originally presented on March 8, 2024

With the Corporate Transparency Act (the “CTA”) now effective as of January 1, 2024, and threatening significant potential penalties (both criminal and civil), it is more important than ever that professional advisors have a comprehensive understanding of the Act. In this presentation, we will cover fundamentals of the CTA, such as reporting requirements and exemptions, and will also do a deep dive into some of the nuances of the CTA, discussing not only how to advise clients, but also how to prepare yourself and your own firm to meet your now active obligations.


Madison R. Jones is a partner at Wilcox, Myers, & Jones, P.C. whose practice focuses primarily on estate and business planning including trust formation, trust and estate administration, and entity formation and counseling. Madison is also a current candidate for her LLM in Taxation from New York University School of Law.