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Transgender Cultural Fluency (2024)

Transgender Cultural Fluency (2024)

: 1.0 EIJ

Originally presented on January 31, 2024

Transgender people today are more visible and represented throughout our communities than ever. As such, organizations and individuals are finding the need to increase their knowledge and understanding of issues that affect their transgender colleagues, employees, friends, and family members. Despite gains in visibility and acceptance, transgender people continue to face enormous challenges in everyday life—from poverty, unemployment, lack of access to health care and secure housing, to horrific violence and discrimination.

The Transgender Cultural Fluency Training lays the foundation for participants to gain a better understanding of what it means to be transgender, clarify common misconceptions about transgender people, become familiar with the challenges transgender communities face, and learn ways to be a strong and engaged advocate for transgender people.

This training covers the following:
  • Definitions of “the big four” concepts necessary to fully understand transness: sex, gender, expression, and orientation;
  • Definitions of “trans(gender)”, “cis(gender)”, and “nonbinary”;
  • A deconstruction of common gender norms, expectations, and stereotypes;
  • The prevalence of transness, historically and presently;
  • Models of gender that help conceptualize how nonbinary people fit in;
  • A wealth of information on pronouns;
  • How and why people transition, and the processes that may be involved;
  • Issues faced by trans and nonbinary people;
  • How to be a good advocate for the trans community; and
  • Services provided by the Transgender Resource Center.


Adrien Lawyer, Director of Education at the Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico
Shari Weinstein, Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico