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Women in the Courtroom (2021)

Women in the Courtroom (2021)

: 1.0 EIJ

Originally presented October 28, 2021

Examine the New Mexico Gender and Diversity Report with Michelle Garcia and Nicole Manning. During this session Michelle Garcia and Nicole Manning will discuss how women are underrepresented in the legal profession, pay inequity, discrimination and more

Michelle Garcia is an attorney who practices in the areas of civil rights, tribal law and interpersonal violence with New Mexico Legal Aid. She oversees an LGBTQ+ legal access program in rural and indigenous areas. Garcia formerly worked as prosecutor for the State of New Mexico.

Nicole Manning is the owner of Lux Law, LLC. She works with small businesses, in trademark law, cannabis law, and as a contract attorney with other firms using her skills as former prosecutor to help with their litigation practices. She is focused on work/life balance to travel and has an entirely remote practice to facilitate that goal.