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Challenging the Tricultural Myth in New Mexico (2021)

Challenging the Tricultural Myth in New Mexico (2021)

Credits: 1.0 EIJ
Originally presented on August 20, 2021 as part of the 14th Annual Legal Services Providers Conference.

How well do you understand the Tricultural Myth? Join Sachi Watase and Cathy McGill as they delve into the profound topics of Tricultural Myth, Invisibility Syndrome and the Model Minority Myth. Discover how they are building connections and collaborating in the community to create cross-racial solidarity and power among minorities that have been disenfranchised. Develop an understanding that minorities are not a monolith, learn the benefits of shifting the Invisibility Syndrome, how the Model Minority Myth creates a racial wedge, and see how you can effect change.

Sachi Watase, Asian Family Center: Sachi Watase is from Albuquerque, New Mexico and received her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art and Mathematics from Pitzer College in Claremont, California. She has a professional background in providing direct services for survivors of sexual assault, organizing within Asian Pacific Islander communities, and teaching. Sachi now serves as the Executive Director of the New Mexico Asian Family Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving Asian Pacific Islander families across New Mexico with a focus on providing culturally and linguistically tailored services and programs for survivors of violence. Seeing the challenges her father faced in immigrating here from Japan, Sachi understands on a personal level the importance of providing resources for this community in New Mexico.

Cathryn McGill, Black Leadership Council: Cathryn McGill, a 2012 YWCA Women On the Move Award winner, 2013 UNM Africana Studies “Person of the Year”, and 2014 NM Business First Woman of Influence and Creative Albuquerque Brazos Award recipient is an accomplished producer and a favorite featured singer/songwriter/actress in the Southwest. McGill is Founder/Director of the New Mexico Black History Month Organizing Committee and Rainbow Studio Theater, the state’s only professional African American theater troupe. McGill has been a resident of New Mexico since 1984 and has held senior management positions at the City of Albuquerque, the Albuquerque Rape Crisis Center and the New Mexico Jazz Workshop. She has shared the stage with major artists such as Michael McDonald, Lyle Lovett, the late Grover Washington, Jr. and Bo Diddley among others.