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An Afternoon of Legal Writing with Stuart Teicher (2021)

An Afternoon of Legal Writing with Stuart Teicher (2021)
Presented by: Stuart I. Teicher

Credits: 3.0 G   
Originally presented on December 28, 2021

Join the CLE Performer, Stuart Teicher, Esq., as he explains the ins and outs of Legal Writing.

*Materials can be accessed under the "Resources" tab

Topics include:

Hour 1:
Drafting that’s not Dry
Question: How do you make a legal writing class MORE boring? Answer: Make it about contract drafting. Well that’s not the case when Stuart Teicher is teaching! Come join the CLE Performer as he provides essential contract drafting tips for every lawyer.

Hour 2:
Semicolons are Stupid, and other Legal Writing Myths.
Stuart Teicher, Esq. used to think that semi-colons were stupid. But oh, how he was wrong! The details of a legal writing are actually critical elements in being persuasive. Join the “CLE Performer,” as he explains how small elements like punctuation are relevant (and helpful) to lawyers when they write.

Hour 3:
Killer Correspondence!
One of the sharpest tools in the lawyer’s arsenal is a surprisingly common item. The letter. Whether it’s a demand letter, a note sent during negotiations, or a client communication, your success could be dependent on a piece of correspondence. Join the CLE Performer, Stuart Teicher as he explains how to write a variety of effective letter types.