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October 26 - Walk Away and Come Back: Strategies for Getting Unstuck

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Walk Away and Come Back: Strategies for Getting Unstuck
A presentation of the Well-Being Committee
Sponsored by the Professional Programs Group of the State Bar

Wednesday, October 26, 2022
Time: Noon - 1 p.m.
Credits: 1.0 EP
We all get stuck. Sometimes we are up against deadlines. Sometimes we are just stuck. Often gripped by the fear of a deadline or the frustration of just being stuck, rather than go to bed and get up early before that deadline or hearing or see if a walk-in nature will shake that stuckness, we refuse to give up. “I’ll get unstuck if I just keep at it” is our mantra. Two lawyer’s share their personal stories with an explanation from an Assistant Professor at UNM School of Medicine as to why “walking away and coming back” is a better strategy.

Briggs Cheney, Esq., Dixon Scholl Carrillo, P.A.
Tony Long, Esq., First Judicial District Attorney's Office
Raven Cuellar, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor, UNM School of Medicine

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